Meet the Director/Writer/Story Developer/Man of all Trades

Rob Luckau

I attended the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, in England. Currently, I work for the State of Utah. With 3 likeminded people, I started up a community theatre company, Proletariat Theatre, 1 year ago. Do work through this company, working with various community groups and watching the company grow are the things that really excite me.

Why were you interested in being involved in this group?
I have always been interested in socially conscious theatre. There are many tough topics which can be easily and comprehensibly approached using theatre. Sexual assual it one of those topics and I enjoyed the challenge of putting it together.

What outcome do you hope to see?
I hope this produciton will spark the conversation, disucssion or debate which people should be having about sexual assault.

What have you seen as challenges so far?
To this point, the greatest challenge has been to get actors comfortable in their roles. This is tough subject matter and it requires the actors to do things they do not do in the real world or in their real lives.

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