Meet the Program Developers

Kristy Bartley

I have an Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and an MA in European Medieval History. I am currently the Counseling Coordinator at the Women's Resource Center and work on issues of cultural change including ending men's violence against women. I am a dog girl, so I like to spend time training and hiking with my Australian Shepherds. I am a knitter and spinner and fiber designer. I also love to read and play my harp.

Why were you interested in being involved in this group?
I believe interactive theater is a powerful way to create cultural change and reduce violence in the world. And I LOVE our team!

What outcome do you hope to see? (either for yourself or for the community)
I hope that we will be able to create a space in our community for talking about men's violence against women and to enlist our community in ending it.

What have you seen as challenges so far?
Many people do not want to acknowledge that men's violence against women is a problem. That denial not only allows the problem to continue but is very damaging to survivors and creates road blocks to reporting and getting support.

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